Having worked on both endeavors ever since has given me a potent inoculation against the mistaken notion that TECHNOLOGY CHANGES ALL THE TIME, YOU CAN’T KEEP UP. No it doesn’t. There are paradigm shifts, like the introduction of mainstream mobile computing with the iPhone, or the internet before that, and perhaps now the advent of serious AI, but these shifts are rare. Most of the time, it’s incremental improvement on enduring ideas.

All the energy I’ve invested into learning Ruby, SQL, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, and the other mainstays of web development, continues to propel my work to this day. Yes, the versions have changed, the specs have grown more complicated, and most of the fundamentals have gotten slowly better. But it’s completely recognizable from twenty years ago.


Perhaps the best piece of advice I ever got from Jeff Bezos was this: Invest in things that don’t change. His example was that customers won’t wake up one day and wish shipping was slower or the selection of goods poorer. So investing in logistics and warehousing was investing in things that don’t change, and will continue to pay dividends for decades.

Source: Invest in things that don’t change