I believe VS Code has presented extraordinary evidence. Im hoping it moves into the category with apps like Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop, software that has held the most popular position in its category for decades. These applications are reliably time investments that repay their cost of learning over the course of a career. Emacs and Vim have always been like that, but its always good to have more choice.

Source: The Era of Visual Studio Code - Roben Kleene

I just got access to the GitHub Codespaces beta and have used Eclipse Che and Gitpod for toy projects before (and some VS Code at work), so this article is at least interesting, but even after putting some time into learning it, I still feel much more productive at the shell with Vim. That said, I’m still much more likely to be able to write a plug-in in JavaScript than VimScript. Who knows what the landscape looks like in a few years, but Codespaces is definitely one of the more interesting ideas for IDEs recently.

Someone should make a Shell-oriented version of the same thing.