This Triforce Percent OoT ACE Showcase was shown under the title Ocarina of Time Beta Showcase during the SGDQ 2022 TAS block after helping raise more than $227k for Doctors Without Borders. Triforce% was performed using an original, unmodified US 1.0 release cartridge of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a real, original N64 (the Nintendo 64 had a passive RGB mod for a clean video signal that did not affect gameplay in any way). Everything you see in this video was done live in front of an audience using only button presses on controllers, ultimately achieving ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution) using Stale Reference Manipulation (SRM), with TASBot and Savestate Here Together alongside Sauraen and dwangoAC to create something that may make you cry you have to see to believe!

Source: OoT Triforce Percent ACE Showcase: TASBot brings us Here Together at SGDQ 2022! (Beta + new content)

This is pretty impressive. It’s amazing how much beta content is on the cartridge, but honestly I wish the creators would have been clearer about what was new content that they created themselves.