From the comments:

Q: Hope you can clarify a point regarding the GDPR: we are using the Disqus comment system on a few of our websites. If I’m correct a cookie is set as soon as a visitor hits a page with the Disqus script. So in order to comply with the new GDPR I couldn’t show Disqus at page load.

A: Good news, you will not need to make any changes to your implementation of Disqus and can continue to load Disqus on all pageviews. You are correct that normally Disqus sets a cookie when a visitor hits a page with Disqus on it, however, before May 25th we will stop doing this on all EU users and only set cookies on EU users in cases where we have consent to do so. So, as a publisher that uses Disqus, you will not need to get consent from a user in order to load Disqus.

Source: Update on Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Exactly what I was looking for, though it’s too bad this isn’t starting until the 25th (tomorrow).