Dropbox Dropping Tiger and Leopard Support in May - Low End Mac.

It’s far from surprising that Dropbox is dropping support for these old versions of OSX. However, it does remind me of how surprised I was when Dropbox stopped making new versions for iOS 6 soon after iOS 7 was released, while still shipping new releases for OSX 10.4 on PowerPC. Who would expect better software support for an old iMac than a much newer iPhone?

I only occasionally use PowerPC Macs at this point – I mostly just have one to play with since it was offered to me for free, to be honest – but it does make me a bit sad to know that some very powerful PowerMac G5s are just that much less useful when May rolls around. I don’t expect hardware to be supported forever, but a G5 Mac has to be about the worst deal ever in terms of official support. (My mom still has no idea what a bullet she dodged after Apple replaced her failing iMac G5 with an Intel one for free. A $1000+ investment in a computer is expensive, but it’s nothing short of amazing that she hasn’t had to buy something new since 2005, given what the computer industry tends to expect as an upgrade cycle. Or you could consider AppleCare to have been a great choice in her case.)

In the end, I hope this drop of support doesn’t send too many old computers to the landfill. Always remember to recycle your electronics responsibly when upgrading, through resale or a recycling program at Best Buy, an Apple store, etc.