After the OS X 10.9 release, I got some energy to release Maid v0.4.0, mostly because it finally made it possible to drop Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility while still letting casual Ruby users on OS X use Maid.  Needless to say, I’m happy OS X 10.9 has Ruby 2.0 included.  I had honestly gotten stuck on Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility, since so many gems have been dropping support.  It is officially end-of-life, after all.

In case you missed it, here’s some details from the ChangeLog:

  • Stats! { ‘collaborators’ => 12, ‘downloads’ => 8227, ‘forks’ => 40, ‘open_issues’ => 29, ‘closed_issues’ => 83, ‘stars’ => 713, ‘users_sharing_rules’ => 28 }
  • New utility methods: “checksum_of”, “escape_glob”, “files”
  • New duplicate detection methods: “dupes_in”, “newest_dupes_in”, “verbose_dupes_in”
  • New filetype methods: “media_type”, “mime_type”, “spotlight_content_types”, “where_content_type”
  • Ended official support for Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 (Closes: #108)
  • Update to rubyzip 1.0.0 (Closes: #109)
  • Remove “ohai” dependency which required native extensions (Closes: #112)
  • Updated other dependencies (Closes: #111)
  • Mu Ye: Require “–force” option to cause real cleaning to take place (Closes: #78)
  • Graham Siener: Add UTF-8 support for “zipfile_contents” tool (Closes: #35)
  • Justin Hileman: Add ability to list duplicate files (Closes: #15)
  • Mikael Hultgren: Rotate log file
  • John Colvin: Add filetype detection and filtering (Closes: #51)
  • Mu Ye: Improve command line spec coverage (Closes: #97)
  • Bradley Smith: Add “locate” support on Ubuntu (Closes: #67)
  • Vladimir Agafonkin: Add “escape_glob” method for escaping brackets in paths that will be passed to “dir” (Closes: #104)
  • Changed from ArgumentError to NotImplementedError when a command is unsupported on the host OS.

I’ve also made a few “patch” releases, after being notified of new dependency versions and testing their compatibility.

If you’re just getting started with Maid, the README is the best place to start looking.  Enjoy!