“Read Later” Apps Compared: Pocket vs. Instapaper vs. Readability.

I used to use Instapaper often, but was turned off by the price for mobile apps and (former?) incompatibility with Android.  Their web app isn’t very mobile friendly either.  Over time, I started using Instapaper less and less… Pocket seemed like a nice alternative, but I couldn’t really bring myself to switch.

Looking for a self-hosted alternative to other “read later” apps?  I’ve been pretty happy with Poche (PHP, demo) so far.  I even deleted my Instapaper account and switched to using Poche instead. It’s nice and lightweight, with a responsive design that works on phones, tablets, and desktops.

I haven’t gotten an offline version working (there’s an Android app though, and an export to ePub feature seems likely).  My only complaint so far? A lot of the user community only seems to discuss Poche in French (“poche” means “pocket” in French) – certainly something I’m not accustomed to in a largely Anglophone open source community.

Update: Poche linked back from their blog. Thanks!