From a recent question I wrote on ServerFault:


I’m having a problem using syslog drains as described in

To summarize, I have an Ubuntu 10.04 instance on EC2 that is running rsyslogd. I’ve also set up the security groups as they describe, and added a syslog drain using a command like heroku drains:add syslog://

I can send messages from the Heroku console to my rsyslogd instance via nc. I see them appear in the log file, so I know there isn’t a firewall/security group issue.  However, Heroku does not seem to be forwarding log messages to the server that heroku drains lists. I would expect to see HTTP requests, Rails messages, etc.

Is there something else I can try to do to figure this out? I’m new to rsyslogd, so I could easily be missing something.


I found out what I had done wrong, with the help of Heroku Support. (Thanks guys!)

I had used the wrong security group name (default instead of logplex).

These are the appropriate values for the fields in the AWS Security Group web interface:

  • Create a new rule: Custom TCP rule
  • Port range: 514
  • Source: 098166147350/logplex (NOTE: not default)