This is the first of a series of posts about code I have in my GitHub repositories.

I’m often annoyed that I have to wait for iTunes to download the NBC Nightly News podcast so I can watch it in the morning. I also don’t like iTunes’ video player much – it’s slow and crashes all the time. (Why Apple hasn’t ported iTunes from Carbon to Cocoa is sometimes beyond me… but I’m sure it will happen eventually.)

Recently, I found out that NBC always publishes their podcast to the same location every day, so it was easy to make an AppleScript to open it in QuickTime X. QuickTime X starts playing it right away, without making me have to wait for it to download completely (or wait for iTunes to catch up with me).

It’s actually quite a simple script. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a fullscreen verb for QuickTime X, so I had to use Jacob Rus’ menu_click method.

See more at my snippets repository on GitHub.