I spent some time over the last few weeks pulling together lots of command line tools that I’ve written over the last few years. I’ve shared them on GitHub.

Some fill in gaps that I wish *nix systems would have by default (such as prune vs uniq or reverse vs rev). Others just script things that I do commonly or are just tedious to do (such as backups2git, github-init, timestamp, latest-migration-path, and std-timestamps). Some are just there for fun (such as is-computer-on). Most of them are written in Ruby, but some are plain old Bash scripts. Lots of the Ruby scripts make heavy use of ARGF, which is awesome for writting shell scripts if you’ve never used it.

I also spent some time documenting (and remembering) how they worked. (Most of it was just shuffling comments around.) Almost every command has a --help option that prints usage information and a short synopsis now. I hope you find them useful!

See them on GitHub