We don’t have a big family around here. For Thanksgiving, it’s usually just my sister, my mom, and I. Usually, we don’t bother making a turkey. That would be more than a little too much food. It probably doesn’t help that I’m a vegetarian.

So, the tradition is to go to a casino in Council Bluffs and eat the buffet. No dirty plates, no cooking, just eating, family, and enjoyment. After that, we usually go see a movie.

I really wanted to see Ray, as did my mom. However, my sister doesn’t even know that Ray Charles is a musician. Obviously we made a compromise. They both wanted to see National Treasure. You’d have to drag me screaming to see that. Maybe not screaming, but I definitely would have to be forced.

We settled on The Incredibles. It’s a Pixar flick, and, likewise, I knew I would probably enjoy it. That was an understatement. It was very good and worth my time. (I’m trying to avoid using the word “incredible.” Honest!)

At the expense of being overly analytical, I’m going to tell you why I liked it so much.

First of all, because it is a cartoon, the characters are not proportional. This adds to the humor immensly, especially when Mr. Incredible is in his cubicle (view the trailers to see what I mean). The man is so huge and powerful, everything else around him is dwarfed. The timing of the characters actions contribute to the feel well; obviously very well directed.

I personally love the music. It was big band Jazz during most of the movie, giving a great underlying feel of energy and excitement. By the way, in the trailers they use the Propellerheads’ song called “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” on the CD Decksanddrumsandrockandroll, one of my favorite songs of theirs. I recognized it instantly; a very good choice.

I could go on and on about this movie, and some time in the future I might. But as of yet, I still need to work on homework and stop blogging. If you can read Spanish, here’s an email I wrote partially about the movie:

Querida Señora,

¡Ay, olvidé! Fue el pavo, te digo, ¡el pavo! Me duerme fácilmente…

Esto fue un mentira. No pudo el pavo porque soy un vegetariano. No sé que fue, entonces… Tal vez porque soy tanto.

¿Disfrutó usted el día de gracias? Lo disfruté. Porque hay solamente tres personas en esta familia (y un no come pavo), nosotros usualmente vamos a un casino (Ameristar, Harrah’s) y comemos su buffet. Es siempre agradable; no platos sucios, no trabajo dificíl haciendo la comida, y después de la cena… ¡Nosotros vamos a una película! No hay mucho de elegir, no obstante. Quise mirar “Ray,” la película sobre el músico quien, tristemente, murió, pero mi hermana no sabe quien él fue. Así, nosotros miramos “The Incredibles.” Es un película por los niños, pero lo disfruté.

Sé que yo no estoy el sólo que olvidó escribir una carta. Ah, los días feriados…

Su estudiante,

Ben Oakes

P.S. Puse esto en un traductor y… me gusta como mi nombre es traducido:

Loved Lady, Ay, I forgot! It was the turkey, I say to you, the turkey! To duer to me easily to me... This was a lie. The turkey could not because I am a vegetarian. I do not know that it was, then... Perhaps because I am as much. Enjoyed you the day of thanks? I enjoyed it. Because there are only three people in this family (and he does not eat turkey), we usually go to a casino (Ameristar, Harrah’s) and eat their buffet. He is always pleasant; dirty nonplates, work dificíl not making the food, and after the supper... We go to a film! There is much no to choose, despite. I wanted to watch “Ray, ” the film on the musician who, sadly, died, but my sister does not know who he was. Thus, we watched “The Incredibles.” It is a film by the children, but I enjoyed it. I know that I am not only who forgot to write a letter. Ah, the holiday days... Its student, Horseradish tree Oakes

Ay, el tecnología…