i just finished watching the movie momento. i’d definetly recommend it to anybody. in fact, thats how i heard about it. one of my friends told me about it and said i should watch it and, well, i saw it at the video store and we got it.

very interesting plot development. it’s about this man who has a short term memory problem, and he’s limited to only about 10 minutes of memory. after that, the man has no idea whats been happening. he remembers things by writing them down, or taking pictures. the story starts at the end and works to the begining, leaving you to wonder what is real and what isn’t. definitely have to watch it again tomorrow, maybe at the thing wyatt and i have been working on.

since i haven’t said anything about it before, i’ll mention something about the room wyatt and i are fixing up. his grandpa is letting us use a room in a building he owns to set up a place of some sort. the place we’re are working out is basically a hang out spot; we have a t.v., videogames, and so on. we are bringing a fridge that’s laying around down to the room… its gonna be sweet having it done. i’m planning to have people i’ve told about it to come see it possibly tomorrow. i hope it turns out to be received well! (but i don’t think i’m gonna go with murray‘s idea of charging people to get in)