In one sense, they’re all “non-standard” in terms of their ability to run natively on the web platform (none of these imports would work if dropped into a browser). On the other hand, they’re also pretty “standard” in terms of their prevalence across many codebases.


I do feel like it’s getting more and more difficult to understand the chasm of complexity between the code you write and the code that runs in the browser. I still think that, for many projects, there’s a lot of value and power in authoring code as it will be run in the browser. You cheat entropy and get a simple but fast feedback cycle.

Source: JavaScript Imports Under The Hood - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

There may be too many JavaScript dialects. I’m looking forward to the simplicity of what import maps seem to provide, without a overly complex build system.

Say what you will about Ruby, but at least pretty much everyone writes Ruby in a very similar way.