I posted this on Facebook:

tl;dr Please use my blog, Feedly (benjaminoakes.com) or Twitter to continue seeing my updates.

Facebook has made the unfortunate decision to remove the ability to post to your timeline from outside of Facebook. This is how basically all my posts were being created, either via Twitter or If-This-Then-That (IFTTT). This change in Facebook’s policies mean that my account is now mostly dormant.

I realize most of my posts are pretty techy/geeky and not relevant to everyone, but if you’d like to keep seeing what I’m up to, please follow me using other services on the web, such as Feedly or Twitter.

Finally, if you care about the amount of control that Facebook has over what content you and others see and think about, I highly recommend spending a few minutes setting up a Feedly account and subscribing to feeds. They have a great website and mobile app. The feeds they use are called “Really Simple Syndication” (RSS) and aren’t controlled by any single company. If you used to use Google Reader, Feedly is a continuation of the same idea.