Are cloud-based voice assistants doomed? That seems like an overly dramatic question to ask if you look at the current state of millions of users of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, but we’re not so sure about the future. Google and Amazon have backed away from their voice assistants recently, with Amazon firing a big chunk of the Alexa team due to it losing $10 billion a year. Google isn’t quite at the “fire everyone” stage, but it is reportedly less interested in supporting the Assistant on third-party devices, which would be a crippling move given Google’s extremely small hardware division. Everyone built these systems assuming a revenue stream would come later, but that revenue never came, and it’s starting to seem like the bubble is bursting.

Source: With voice assistants in trouble, Home Assistant starts a local alternative

I would love for Home Assistant to gain traction. I really hope Amazon, Apple, and Google all succeed too, because if they don’t, there it will be a lot of electronic waste. At least you can use the Google speakers as Bluetooth speakers.