Google says that users wont be able to manage OnHub routers using the Google Home app anymore starting December 19, 2022. At that point youll still be able to use the router as long as you dont need to make any changes.

Source: Google will end support for OnHub WiFi routers in 2022 - Liliputing

I have a Google Wifi mesh that I used to extend the life of a dying DSL modem. (The built-in wifi on the modem/router would randomly stop working.) I’ve been happy with the wifi mesh. It was a great improvement for our Roku, which instantly got a noticeably better signal. I’m sure other devices have benefited too. Mesh networking makes a lot of sense.

I looked at some other options and ultimately went with Google Wifi because of the smart home features… I think? I use the IFTTT integration a lot, for example. It’s also pretty well integrated in all the Google stuff we already have.

My one sticking point was whether having app-only configuration would be a regret. It may still be. I’m very much not in favor of mobile apps versus web interfaces, and these OnHub users are about to find out why. A simple web interface would still work when Google drops support for the device and such a backup interface should have been built in.

That said, the routers will (probably) still work and devices can join the network like normal. The biggest thing is that no settings can change. No password changes, basically, which isn’t a common thing, but also no nice features like family settings or priority device. You could live with this, but it shouldn’t be this way. It should have a web interface or progressive web app (PWA).

We’ll see how I feel about this in 5-6 years. I hope my network isn’t bricked by that point. The Google Wifi was a good solution for the broken Wifi/working modem problem (especially since we might switch to fiber), but I won’t be happy if Google does this same thing again