Ruby has an Async implementation!

It’s available today, it’s production-ready, and it’s probably the most awesome thing that’s happened to Ruby in the last decade, if not longer.

Async Ruby adds new concurrency features to the language; you can think of it as “threads with none of the downsides”. It’s been in the making for a couple of years, and with Ruby 3.0, it’s finally ready for prime time.

In this post, I hope to show you all the power, scalability, and magic of Async Ruby. If you love Ruby, this should be exciting, really exciting!

Source: Async Ruby - Bruno Sutic

This is really interesting. It can’t be used with Rails (yet), but it seems like it’s just a matter of time before that’s possible. Async seems to provide something similar to JavaScript-esque async and await, but without new language keywords. I’ve hoped something like this would be made, and I’m happy to have learned about it.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Here are some additional resources I’m looking at:

Edit: I just understood the Async logo. It’s a sink. Asink. Clever.