If you, like me, never really understood Vimscript and hate the language with a passion, youre in the right place! You can now get rid of Vimscript wholesale and replace it with a simpler, faster and elegant-er language – Lua! However, this is only possible from Neovim 0.5 onwards and as of now, requires you to install Neovim from HEAD. How to do that is left as an exercise to the reader. Also bear in mind that the Lua API is fairly beta right now, and many Vim things dont have direct interfaces.

Source: Configuring Neovim using Lua

Neovim 0.5 has been released. Learning Vimscript has never been a top priority for me, despite using Vim almost every day. I like the Ruby bindings, but there’s no guarantee that anyone will have Ruby installed alongside Vim. Knowing that Lua is available may make a big difference in extension development.

Also in this release: Built-in LSP (language server protocol), Tree-Sitter based syntax highlighting.

This is getting interesting. I may have to switch.