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What is Maid?

  • Maid is a tool for handling your files.
  • It helps you be lazy.
    • It cleans up after you
    • It organizes for you
    • It makes writing file movement/renaming easier to test and reuse
  • It's like Hazel for OS X, Belvedere for Windows
  • You define rules, and Maid acts on them
  • It's specific in what it does: finding files, getting metadata, and acting on them (moving, trashing, etc)
  • Created it about 1.5 yrs ago to scratch my own itch
  • Decided to open source, release as a RubyGem
  • Recently gotten some attention around the world: blogs, tweets, etc
  • 192 stars on GitHub

How to use Maid

  • New beta has new features, some of which make things a lot easier (using the beta here)
  • maid help
  • maid sample
  • maid help clean
  • Demo writing, testing, running a couple simple rules

What you might use it for

My rules are on GitHub

  • Cleaning up your temporary files
  • Cleaning up, organizing your downloads
  • Tidying up after your normal use of your machine
  • Advanced file renaming (SRT example)
  • You can use it as a library within your app too, but that's harder right now than I'd like

Why use it?

  • You write rules in Ruby
  • It's growing a community -- people are contributing code, ideas, etc
  • Only app of its kind for Ubuntu

How to get it

  • gem install maid (for 0.1.2)
  • Supported:
    • OSX
    • Ubuntu (as of 0.1.3)


  • 0.1.3 should be out soon (gem isntall maid --pre if you feel adventurous)
    • Gotten good feedback from the beta test team
    • I'm searching for, fixing bugs in my normal use
    • Waiting for xdg bugfix (Linux support)
    • We're at beta 1 right now, beta 2 will be after the xdg fix
    • Then... released!