I stopped actively reading news about Covid some time ago, as most news isn’t actionable at this point, unlike at the start of the pandemic. That said, I occasionally take a peek to see if much has changed. Since the last time I checked, not much has changed, though it’s certainly in the news every day still. Full authorization might happen for the vaccines this Fall (currently September), as I recall hearing earlier. Currently, there is only Emergency Use Authorization. This may include authorization for children younger than 12. This is important for many reasons and may be required to reach herd immunity.


Also, I’ve wondered if there’s a pattern to where there is less resistance to vaccines. Iowa City, where I live, probably has the highest vaccination rate of Iowa. (Johnson county is at 55% right now, according to NYT.) I wish it were not the case, but it seems that the vaccine is highly politicized: Least Vaccinated U.S. Counties Have Something in Common: Trump Voters. I hope we can find a reasonable way to help people realize that this is about public health, not their political party.

At any rate, these are just my notes so that I can refer back to where I heard this information. If you’re reading this, please get vaccinated if you haven’t!