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Benjamin Oakes

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Hi, I'm Ben Oakes and this is my geek blog. Currently, I'm a Ruby/JavaScript Developer at Liaison. Previously, I was a Developer at Continuity and Hedgeye, a Research Assistant in the Early Social Cognition Lab at Yale University and a student at the University of Iowa. I also organize, ICRuby, OpenHack Iowa City, and previously organized NewHaven.rb. I have an amazing wife named Danielle Oakes.

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Chrome dropping support for OSX 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8

by Ben

Today, we’re announcing the end of Chrome’s support for Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8, since these platforms are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple. Starting April 2016, Chrome will continue to function on these platforms but will no longer receive updates and security fixes.

Source: Google Chrome Blog: Updates to Chrome platform support

Snow Leopard (10.6) is the Windows XP of the Mac world in many ways. A surprising 10% or so of Mac users are still using it and presumably unable to upgrade, either because they are using an early 32-bit Intel Mac or are using a 64-bit Mac that Apple decided not to support with Mavericks (10.9). (This includes most polycarbonate MacBooks and other models, including those without enough RAM.) If you are running a version of OSX before 10.9, the simplest way to ensure continued support would be to switch to Firefox. (You could also use Windows or a flavor of Linux, both of which would provide a supported version of Chrome on older Mac hardware, but that does mean leaving OSX behind.)

It’s unfortunate that Google is dropping Chrome support, and that Apple left particular Macs behind, especially since some older Apple models will run 10.11 just fine. I find it ironic that Microsoft Windows still supports the same hardware that Apple has abandoned, as it could have run OSX 10.9.

The Link That Can Crash Chrome

by Ben

As far as I know, this is fixed now, but there’s a new one (in effect): chrome://quit/

Via the Slack channel.

Dropbox now available in the Chrome OS File Manager

by Ben

How To Access Dropbox from the Chromebook File Manager – OMG! Chrome!.

A new Chrome app allows users to access Dropbox files from the Chrome OS File Manager, just like Google Drive. You can browse and search files stored in your Dropbox and upload new ones.

The nifty new feature is possible thanks to the File System Provider API which has been available in Google’s cloud-centric OS for the past few releases.

A lack of Dropbox support has been a big roadblock for me when I consider purchasing a Chromebook. While this Chrome app doesn’t seem ideal, it seems like it could be at least as good as Dropbox on Android.

Chrome Extension: Table Capture

by Ben

Table Capture – Chrome Web Store.

A really useful extension that converts HTML tables so they can be pasted into Google Docs, Excel, CSV, etc.

Google to Discontinue 32-bit Chrome for Mac Next Month

by Ben

Google to Discontinue 32-bit Chrome for Mac Next Month – OMG! Chrome.

It’s sad that I could run the latest Chrome on a Pentium 4 Dell found on the side of the road, but not on the Core Duo Mac mini I bought (for quite a bit, mind you). I don’t expect support to last forever, but what a disparity.

300ms test for Mobile Browsers

by Ben

300ms test.

Try it on Chrome for iOS vs Chrome for Android. (Video.) The former feels ridiculously slow by comparison. Same goes for Safari, even on iOS 7. When I talk about it being a problem that there’s only one browser engine (Apple’s version of WebKit) allowed on iOS, this is the type of problem I’m referring to.

Explanation of the Shadow DOM and Web Components

by Ben

Explanation of the Shadow DOM and Web Components – YouTube.

Google Chrome Aura Lands on Linux In Latest Stable Update

by Ben

Google Chrome Aura Lands on Linux In Latest Stable Update.

Seems really nice on Ubuntu so far. It seems a lot faster.

Chrome Packaged Apps Coming to Android, iOS

by Ben

Chrome Packaged Apps Coming to Android, iOS | OMG! Chrome!.

This will make things interesting for web developers. I’m especially curious to see how it works out on iOS, and what Google’s long term strategy will be for Android development

Google Chrome Adds Audio/Video Indicators To Tabs in Latest Dev Build

by Ben

Google Chrome Adds Audio/Video Indicators To Tabs in Latest Dev Build.

Such a great idea for a feature… It’s funny to think it took this long for it to happen.