Q: One of my cisgender friends recently asked me this question, and I was unsure how to answer it: Should cisgender people share their pronouns? It is a helpful act of allyship or is it centering themselves in someone else’s story? Do you have thoughts on this?

A: Easy yes: All cisgender people should share their pronouns. In the same way that men in the workplace who make use of flexible time or parental leave normalize women and people of other genders doing so as well, cisgender people sharing pronouns (not with a “savior” mindset but simply as a matter of course) normalize the behavior when trans and gender-nonconforming people do the same.

Source: My Pronouns Are She/They. What Are Yours?

For whatever reason, I hadn’t seen this from the standpoint of normalization in service of allyship. I didn’t read the entire article closely, but I was happy to get a better understanding today.

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You can also do this in many other communication tools that you use.