Google Chrome will be shutting down its older, more capable extension system, Manifest V2, in favor of exclusively using the more limited Manifest V3. The deeply controversial Manifest V3 system was announced in 2019, and the full switch has been delayed a million times, but now Google says it’s really going to make the transition: As previously announced, the phase-out of older Chrome extensions is starting next week. Google says, “Over 85% of actively maintained extensions in the Chrome Web Store are running Manifest V3, and the top content filtering extensions all have Manifest V3 versions available.” The company doesn’t mention that the most popular ad blocker’s Manifest V3 version is “uBlock Origin Lite,” with the “Lite” indicating that it is inferior to the Manifest V2 version. As for how this phase out is actually going to go, Google says next week the beta versions of Chrome will start seeing warning banners on the extensions page for any Manifest V2 extensions they have installed.

Source: Google Chrome’s plan to limit ad blocking extensions kicks off next week

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