The upgrades include both motherboards and pre-built laptops that feature new Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra processors with Intel Arc dedicated GPUs; lower prices for the AMD Ryzen 7000 and 13th-gen Intel editions of the laptop; and a new display with a slightly higher 2880x1920 resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. “Framework has also added new configuration options for the Ryzen 7040 version of the Laptop 13 that include the new display and has lowered prices on those AMD configs and on”our remaining inventory of 13th-gen Intel Core systems. Both the Ryzen version of the Framework Laptop 13 and the Framework Laptop 16 got new drivers in early April, while BIOS updates for both Ryzen laptops, the 11th-gen Intel laptops, and the 12th-gen Intel laptops have all been formally released in the last few months.

Source: Framework boosts its 13-inch laptop with new CPUs, lower prices, and better screens

A good choice for a new laptop, especially with your favorite flavor of Linux