A couple of PC OEMs put out Windows RT tablets, and most of them took a stab at one or two Windows 10-into-11-era Arm PCs. But there was never a big unified push that made it clear that the entire consumer PC ecosystem had bought into Arm. Whatever the reason, a big wave of hardware from all the PC OEMs is another thing that makes this particular Arm Windows push feel different from the ones before. In the past, you sort of had to go out of your way to find and buy a Windows PC that happened to have an Arm chip in it, and you would probably notice that it didn’t do some of the same things as a “Normal” PC. This wave of Arm announcements is a preview of what the future of Windows might look like-a broad mix of hardware using multiple chips and multiple instruction sets from multiple companies, but with all of that essentially hidden from most users by a familiar operating system and apps.

Source: One difference with this wave of Arm PCs? All the big PC makers are actually on board

Let’s hope Linux support is good