While we don’t yet have access to ChatGPT-4o’s audio-visual features ourselves, the important non-verbal cues on display here-both from GPT-4o and from the users-make the chatbot instantly feel much more human. The old ChatGPT4 could easily type out the same responses of “Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!” and “That’s perfectly hilarious. Definitely a top-tier dad joke.” But there’s much more impact to hearing GPT-4o give that same information in the video, complete with the gentle laughter and rising and falling vocal intonations of a lifelong friend. Beyond GPT-4o’s new non-verbal emotional register, the model’s speed of response also seems set to change the way we interact with chatbots.

Source: Disarmingly lifelike: ChatGPT-4o will laugh at your jokes and your dumb hat