Google yesterday said it objects to proposed provisions “Requiring Google to distribute other app stores and make its entire app catalog available to every other app store, prohibiting Google from negotiating with OEMs for non-exclusive placement and with developers for differentiated content, and chilling Google’s business relationships by restricting conduct that ‘incentivizes’ or ‘disincentivizes’ third parties.” Google would also have to provide third-party app stores access to the Google Play app catalog for at least six years. The deal with states prohibits Google from “Enter[ing] into contracts that require the Play Store to be the exclusive, pre-loaded app store on a device or home screen for at least five years,” and requires Google to “Allow third-party apps on Android phones outside the Google Play Store for at least seven years.” Google also has to “Revise and reduce the warnings on an Android device if a user attempts to download a third-party app from outside the Google Play Store for at least five years,” and “Maintain Android system support for third-party app stores, including automatic updates, for four years.”

Source: Google tells court it shouldn’t have to distribute third-party app stores

I hope competition becomes fairer.