The estate of George Carlin has filed a federal lawsuit against the comedy podcast Dudesy for an hour-long comedy special sold as an AI-generated impression of the late comedian. The Dudesy special is presented as an “Impression” of Carlin that the AI generated by “Listening” to Carlin’s existing material “In the exact same way a human impressionist would.” But the lawsuit takes direct issue with this analogy, arguing that an AI model is just an “Output generated by a technological process that is an unlawful appropriation of Carlin’s identity, which also damages the value of Carlin’s real work and his legacy.” “Defendants always presented the Dudesy Special as an AI-generated George Carlin comedy special, where George Carlin was ‘resurrected’ with the use of modern technology,” the lawsuit argues.

Source: George Carlins heirs sue comedy podcast over “AI-generated” impression

This was obviously going to happen and will be taught in law schools as what not to do.