“Bright Data concedes that it was bound to Meta’s Terms while it had Facebook and Instagram accounts, and that it sells data collected from Facebook and Instagram,” US District Judge Edward Chen wrote in a ruling issued Tuesday. As Chen’s ruling notes, “Bright Data moved for summary judgment on Meta’s breach of contract claim, asserting that its scraping publicly available data is not prohibited by the Meta, Facebook, or Instagram Terms.” Chen wrote that “The undisputed evidence establishes that Bright Data only engaged in logged-out scraping of public data unrelated to its accounts with Meta and thus did not breach the Terms either while it had accounts with Facebook and Instagram or after terminating its accounts.” Meta’s tortious interference claim alleges that Bright Data “Induced” Facebook and Instagram users to breach the services’ terms by advertising the Bright Data scraping services to logged-in users.

Source: Facebook suffers big loss in lawsuit against data-scraping company