Its upcoming TVs will use integrated webcams and NFC payment readers to make it easy for people to buy stuff they see on TV. Displace hasn’t officially released a product yet, so skepticism about the TVs it says it will demo at CES 2024 in Las Vegas next month, as spotted by sites like Wifi Hifi, is warranted. The two new TVs Displace is adding to its 2024 release plans, the Displace Flex and Displace Mini, are all about making watching TV shopping better. If the TV can’t find a specific product for sale, it will “Search for similar items” without user intervention, according to Displace.

Source: Wireless TVs use built-in cameras, NFC readers to sell you stuff you see on TV

Smart TVs are basically all that are sold anymore, so I guess we will buy a monitor with speakers instead? Practically the same thing as a TV these days.