A federal jury took only a few hours of deliberation Monday afternoon to determine that Google had an illegal monopoly in the markets for Android app distribution and in-app billing services. Google “Engaged in anticompetitive conduct” to establish or maintain the monopoly and illegally tied the Google Play store to the use of Google Play billing, according to the verdict. Google Government Affairs & Public Policy VP Wilson White said in a statement provided to the press that the company would challenge the verdict and that Android and Google Play “Provide more choice and openness than any other major mobile platform. The trial made clear that we compete fiercely with Apple and its App Store, as well as app stores on Android devices and gaming consoles. We will continue to defend the Android business model and remain deeply committed to our users, partners, and the broader Android ecosystem.”

Source: Google’s Android app store monopoly violates antitrust law, jury finds

I suspect Apple will be challenged again based on this.

Another reminder to prefer the open web.