Later, Mike Swoopskee tweeted, “What if it learned from its training data that people usually slow down in December and put bigger projects off until the new year, and that’s why it’s been more lazy lately?”. Since the system prompt for ChatGPT feeds the bot the current date, people noted, some began to think there may be something to the idea. One of the reports that started the recent trend of noting that ChatGPT is getting “Lazy” came on November 24 via Reddit, the day after Thanksgiving in the US. There, a user wrote that they asked ChatGPT to fill out a CSV file with multiple entries, but ChatGPT refused, saying, “Due to the extensive nature of the data, the full extraction of all products would be quite lengthy. However, I can provide the file with this single entry as a template, and you can fill in the rest of the data as needed.”

Source: As ChatGPT gets “lazy,” people test “winter break hypothesis” as the cause

Woah! Hilarious.