Reader comments 135 When Sam Altman was suddenly removed as CEO of OpenAI-before being reinstated days later-the company’s board publicly justified the move by saying Altman “Was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.” In the days since, there has been some reporting on potential reasons for the attempted board coup, but not much in the way of follow-up on what specific information Altman was allegedly less than “Candid” about. Now, in an in-depth piece for The New Yorker, writer Charles Duhigg-who was embedded inside OpenAI for months on a separate story-suggests that some board members found Altman “Manipulative and conniving” and took particular issue with the way Altman allegedly tried to manipulate the board into firing fellow board member Helen Toner. Though Toner reportedly apologized to the board for the paper, Duhigg writes that Altman nonetheless started to approach individual board members urging her removal.

Source: New report illuminates why OpenAI board said Altman “was not consistently candid”