In an editorial for Slate published Monday, renowned security researcher Bruce Schneier warned that AI models may enable a new era of mass spying, allowing companies and governments to automate the process of analyzing and summarizing large volumes of conversation data, fundamentally lowering barriers to spying activities that currently require human labor. “Governments around the world already use mass surveillance; they will engage in mass spying as well,” writes Schneier. Schneier isn’t optimistic on that front closing with the line, “We could prohibit mass spying. We could pass strong data-privacy rules. But we haven’t done anything to limit mass surveillance. Why would spying be any different?” It’s a thought-provoking piece, and you can read the entire thing on Slate.

Source: Due to AI, “We are about to enter the era of mass spying,” says Bruce Schneier

Re-decentralization would make this less feasible. That is, fewer big email services, etc.