Google’s war on ad blockers is just gearing up, with YouTube doing its best to detect and block ad blockers and Chrome aiming to roll out the ad block-limiting Manifest V3 extension platform in June 2024. Ghostery’s director of product and engineering, Krzysztof Modras, said that YouTube is “Adapting [its] methods more frequently than ever before. To counteract its changes to ad delivery and ad blocker detection, block lists have to be updated at minimum on a daily basis, and sometimes even more often. While all players in the space are innovating, some ad blockers are simply unable to keep up with these changes.” In the future, YouTube will be able to roll out new ad blocking updates whenever it wants, and the ad blockers’ response can be slow-rolled by the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Chrome’s next weapon in the War on Ad Blockers: Slower extension updates

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