This program embodies the concept of finished software - a software you can use forever with no unneeded changes. Finished software is software that’s not expected to change, and that’s a feature! You can rely on it to do some real work. In a world where constant change is the norm, finished software provides a breath of fresh air.

Source: The beauty of finished software

There’s an interesting point here.

WordStar 4.0 could be used as long as you want. So could vi. Or grep, sed, and awk. They all do their job, frozen in time.

I’ve been using an old Palm m125 and a lot of it is “finished” too. It’s 20 years old and it still does what it’s meant to do. Syncing isn’t the easiest, but it’s still an interesting experience to see what’s easier and faster and more focused than a modern device.

Video games are another type of finished software. They’re still fun, even if they’re older. Kind of like a movie.

Compare that with Google Docs or other web-based software. Definitely a different world!