Following in the footsteps of the Fairphone 2, the Fairphone 3 is also getting an Android-industry-best seven years of OS support. Part of that sustainability mission is an absolutely herculean effort to keep the Android updates flowing, even when Qualcomm drops critical software support for the SoC. Fairphone says the Snapdragon 632 SoC in the Fairphone 3 was only supported up to Android 11, so continuing to support the Fairphone 3 meant doing the upgrades all by itself. While seven years of updates is incredible, the one thing you could ding Fairphone for is that the updates don’t arrive at a regular cadence.

Source: Fairphone 3 gets seven years of updates, besting every other Android OEM

If only they had a headphone jack… but if they have a replaceable battery (and I think they might?), this might just be a good pick for many reasons.