The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said the occupations at highest risk from AI-driven automation were highly skilled jobs and represented about 27% of employment across its 38 member countries, which include the UK, Japan, Germany, the US, Australia and Canada. “These rapid developments, combined with the falling costs of producing and adopting these new technologies, suggest that OECD economies may be on the cusp of an AI revolution which could fundamentally change the workplace,” the organisation said in its 2023 employment outlook, which refers to an “Urgent need to act” on AI. The Paris-based body said: “Urgent action is required to make sure AI is used responsibly and in a trustworthy way in the workplace.” The OECD said data indicated that economies were on the “Brink” of a revolution rather than being in midst of one, with the share of firms that had adopted AI remaining in the single digits, due in part to issues related to cost and workforce skills.

Source: AI revolution puts skilled jobs at highest risk, OECD says

I mean, maybe? Right now using a GPT is like having an assistant that sometimes does great, but also sometimes does very poorly. Other times, it straight up lies to you. If used well, sure, this could eliminate some jobs, but it’s not magically as good as a skilled human.