Now Apple has announced its own, nearly-identical keyboard for the Apple Watch – and seven years after the smartwatch was introduced, no less. Eleftheriou believes there’s no coincidence here. “So now we know,” he wrote in a tweet. “See you in court, [Apple].” Eleftheriou has already sued Apple for blocking his iPhone-based keyboard, a move he argues is anti-competitive.

SHERLOCKING – Apple has in the past taken ideas from the developer community and built them into its products. There’s actually a name for it – “Sherlocked,” or the phenomenon where Apple takes a popular third-party tool and renders it unnecessary by copying it directly. It’s happened many times over, but under the current climate where sentiment by developers is not in Apple’s favor, it looks particularly bad.

Source: Apple blocked the FlickType Watch keyboard… then announced a clone of it

This (and other reasons) are why I stopped giving Apple any more money about 10 years ago.

They should have just bought FlickType and been done with it, but instead, they’re being uncompetitive, likely illegally.