Two Level 2 charging ports available in short term parking, two Level 2 charging ports available in long term parking. No cost to charge. These are listed in the Charge Point app and can be checked to see if they are in use. Located on East End of divider strip between Short and Long term parking.

Source: Eastern Iowa Airport (CID), Short-Term - PlugShare

Huh, they must actually read what I said in their suggestion box. :)

It’s free to charge and park for the first 20 minutes, but after that it gets quite expensive because, hey, it’s an airport. I’d love to see these in the cell phone waiting lot too! And really, they’d be able to add a lot more charging cheaply in long term parking using standard 120V outlets given that anyone parking in long term is going to leave their vehicle there for a long time. Let’s hope these become popular enough that they need to add more!

(I’ve seen a lot more Chevy Volts and Prius Primes around Iowa City lately. It’s happening!)

For anyone stumbling onto this post, CID is the airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You could charge a Tesla here, but only with a standard charging (J-1772) adapter.