But at its best, WiiWare played host to some truly unique games that you can’t play anywhere else, which is reason enough to give the service another look. And there isn’t much time left. From Monday, March 26th a decade and a day after the service launched you’ll no longer be able to add points to the Wii Shop Channels digital wallet, meaning this weekend is your last ever chance to buy these games or anything from the Wii’s Virtual Console. (Once you have the points, you’ll be able to spend them until January 30th next year.)

Source: Nintendo’s WiiWare dies this weekend, so here’s what to download - The Verge

The only one of interest to me is My Life as a King. I guess in some ways it’s good that WiiWare wasn’t a mainstay of the device, but it’s sad to see it go away. This probably means Netflix, etc for the Wii won’t last much longer either.