Anyone can sign up for a 5 minute lightning talk at the A.L.T. (Art + Life + Tech) event held in the creative corridor area. Tonight’s ALT community lighting talks had a wide range of topics: From game development by Eric Neuhaus using Construct 2 which is an app produced by Scirra, to a presentation by Thomas Hansen creating web applications with background processing using backgroundworkers, to hacking an Amazon Echo presented by Wesley Beary.

Source: Art + Life + Tech (ALT) Community Lightning Talks in Iowa City

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Also, here are some photos of me from the event.

People in attendance at the ALT (Art + Life + Tech) event in Iowa City, IA

Benjamin Oakes talks about amplifying the tech community in Iowa's technology corridor with

How do we amplify the tech community in Iowa

Benjamin Oakes talks about how to make even better