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Benjamin Oakes

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Hi, I'm Ben Oakes and this is my geek blog. Currently, I'm a Ruby/JavaScript Developer at Liaison. Previously, I was a Developer at Continuity and Hedgeye, a Research Assistant in the Early Social Cognition Lab at Yale University and a student at the University of Iowa. I also organize, ICRuby, OpenHack Iowa City, and previously organized NewHaven.rb. I have an amazing wife named Danielle Oakes.

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Useing You’re Type’s Good

by Ben

Useing You’re Type’s Good — Destroy All Software Talks

Via Chris Ortman on the Slack.

Eliminating Roundtrips with Preconnect

by Ben

The preconnect HTML hint allows the application to tell the browser which sockets it will need ahead of initiating the actual requests; preconnect eliminates DNS, TCP, and TLS roundtrips from the request’s critical path.

Source: Eliminating Roundtrips with Preconnect

The Link That Can Crash Chrome

by Ben

As far as I know, this is fixed now, but there’s a new one (in effect): chrome://quit/

Via the Slack channel.

#NodeJS : A quick optimization advice

by Ben

Can you spot the difference between these two files that can explain a 50% performance gain?

Source: #NodeJS : A quick optimization advice

Wow. But please don’t optimize for comment length prematurely.

Found via the JavaScript Slack channel.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, thoroughly reviewed

by Ben

Marshmallow brings a lot of user-requested features but still has no update solution.

Source: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, thoroughly reviewed

Amazon to ban sales of Apple TV, Google Chromecast to boost Prime Video

by Ben

Report: Prime Video compatible devices like the Xbox One, PS4 will remain on sale.

Source: Amazon to ban sales of Apple TV, Google Chromecast to boost Prime Video