You can now test Project Spartan, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer successor - The Verge.

While Project Spartan is a successor to Internet Explorer, Microsoft is still planning to ship its “legacy engine” browser in some versions of Windows 10. The Verge understands that the software giant is currently evaluating a number of different ways to ship Internet Explorer in Windows 10 to those who require it, and that it will be primarily targeted at enterprise customers. Microsoft is not pinning Internet Explorer to the task bar or Start Menu in Windows 10, and Project Spartan will take over. Today’s preview includes that new behavior, and we hear that Internet Explorer could eventually become a Windows feature that you have to enable to get access to the old browser. Internet Explorer itself (the app) might not be fully dead just yet, but Microsoft is killing off the brand name in favor of a new name for Project Spartan, and the company says it’s the future of its browser efforts.

I’m hopeful that Microsoft’s “new” browser turns out well (though it’s surely based on some portion of the Internet Explorer codebase). However, it’s all for nothing if they don’t have a better update strategy than IE has. Chrome and Firefox get a huge amount of their user base onto new versions soon after they’re released, and I’d like to see Spartan do the same. Otherwise, we’ll just be dealing with old versions of Spartan in the future instead of old versions of IE.