The 10 states with the best quality of life.

  1. Iowa

Employment rate: 78.1% (5th highest)

Household disposable income per capita: $30,164 (20th highest)

Homicide rate: 1.38 per 100,000 people (2nd lowest)

Voter turnout: 69.4% (tied, 6th highest)

The OECD rated Iowa better than all but a few states for its jobs climate and safety. Just 5.2% of the workforce was unemployed last year, and the homicide rate — 1.4 per 100,000 — was lower than every state except New Hampshire. Iowa residents also had the benefit of a productive renewable energy sector, with greater production of renewable energy than all but two other states as of 2012. The majority of renewable energy output came from 476 trillion BTUs of biodiesel produced that year, which was more than any other state.

Iowa is also the leader in wind energy. Lots of reasons to be happy. :)