iOS 8 changes we’d like to see: The OS and Home screen - Macworld.

iOS 8 wish-list: What we’d love to see at WWDC 2014! - iMore.

Why Apple should relax its App Store rules - Macworld.

Just a collection of posts I read leading up to the start of Apple’s WWDC tomorrow.

I previously posted my own list of feature requests back in March. All the posts above were definitely written by people who have used iOS for a while. Since even Macworld is asking for some of the same changes as me, who knows, maybe some of them will happen (especially some form of better inter-app communication). But then again, many of the changes have been on wish-lists for years, so it’s hard to say. Regardless, 80% or more of the requested features already exist in Android. With that in mind, I feel it’s becoming harder and harder to justify the higher price of iOS devices. Back in 2008-2011, the benefits were much clearer. Makes one wonder what the mobile space will look like 5 years out…