I’ve released a beta of Maid v0.3.0. It contains a bugfix which required an additional DSL method to be added. The move method now only moves to pre-existing directories, and the new rename method should be used if renaming is the intention. This makes it easier to detect accidental overwrites.

From my observations, most of the time users who share their rules are using move with directories, so it should be a pretty painless upgrade… but since there’s a new method in the DSL, this new version is called v0.3.0 instead of v0.2.3. (A new version v0.4.0 is in the works – it was once referred to as v0.3.0 – so don’t let that confuse you. :) )

To install:

gem install maid --pre

I’m interested in whether anyone runs into issues with the change I described. Otherwise, it should be pretty much the same as v0.2.2. Please leave a comment in this issue with your experiences!

For more information, see the ChangeLog or RubyGems.