I haven’t made this into a political blog (nor much of a blog at all, some might say), mostly because I’m just shy of voting age.

Even so, I’ve been more politically active than most I know who are of voting age. I spent some time with friends watching one of the debates, which was complemented by the fact that my host’s parents are both lawyers. It gave an interesting (better informed) perspective. I was even asked to be part of Kerry’s campaign here in Iowa just a few days ago. Unfortunately, I misunderstood and didn’t call back soon enough because I was waiting for a friend’s response. However, if I were to work phones, which I would utterly despise, I don’t think I would have been a good volunteer.

I found a good summary of why Kerry will (or, at least, should) win. Especially interesting to point out is that the almost 170 million cell phones of the country were not included in phone surveys. You might be thinking that most of these people have a separate home phone, but, as the author points out, many between 18 and 29 do not, and these people are more likely statistically to vote for Kerry.

If he were to win, it would certainly be strange to have another JFK as president…

Oh, this is interesting also, he was born December 11th. That’s he on the 11th, and Bob Barker and I on the 12th; maybe this says something about the accuracy of astrology.