The PalmOne Treo 650 was just formally announced. I’ve been using my (don’t laugh) Zire 31 more than I ever thought I would, considering what I paid for it. Being my first foray into the handheld world, I thought it was enough to not break the bank, plus if I were to lose it, not hard to replace. Now I don’t know what I would do without it. Of course, the screen makes me wish I would have gone for the Tungsten E.

My uncle had bought me a TracFone, which I was always scared to use, fearing running out of minutes. Since I’m going of to college just next year, a cell phone might just become more useful. At nearly $600 the Treo 650 had better be the best thing I will ever own; judging from the media’s response, it might just be. However, I’m sure I’ll wait for my Zire to die. By then, I hope, there would be a drop in price.

On that note, I went searching for a Palm OS magazine today, but all I could find were general mobile computer ones. It would do, I suppose, but if half (or more) of the magazine is about Pocket PC, it’s not really worth the money. Anyone know of one?