I’m no longer allowed to have a life; school has taken it over completely. In just a few hours, I have to play for Jazz Band then I’ll probably be up past midnight trying to get my homework done.

Yeah, and I’m here blogging. It’s not something I do enough of, in the first place.

Interestingly, I found an article about me. OK, not me specifically, but pretty darn close. If anybody knows me, they’ll look at that and say “That’s Ben!” People do that sort of thing to things in movies, etc. because of things I habitually do; this is no exception.

Read it. There’s a good chance you’re affected as well. Too bad it’s not a real syndrome (the day the word “nerd” is part of a real disease is a sad day). I had read something about Asperger’s disorder and thought that it was like me. I don’t think that there’s a name for what’s wrong with me though.  :P

In any case, time to get back to homework.